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Ten races where Mitt Romney could sink Republican candidates

Mitt Romney’s campaign woes have taken a toll on Republican candidates in Democratic-leaning or swing states. Polls show that some Republicans who had been running ahead of Democratic opponents have

Dogleg right

DARIEN — Despite a sizable Secret Service detail here for Paul Ryan, members of Woodway Country Club in Darien are still managing to squeeze in a round.

Ten races where Barack Obama could sink Democratic incumbents

There’s been a lot of media attention lately focused on Republican candidates who are distancing themselves from struggling presidential nominee Mitt Romney. But Mitt Romney’s not the only

5 hits and 5 misses from the campaign trail, Sep. 24-28

The Obama administration has flailed on the issue of the deadly Libya consular attack that claimed the life of U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. They have been slow to recognize that the attack was distinct from the protesting street mobs, and Republicans, desperate to seize on anything that could look like a big mistake by the administration, are claiming a conspiracy and a coverup.

Dems take aim at US Rep. Paul Ryan’s imminent Connecticut visit

The Democratic National Committee’s “Rapid Response Team” just sent an email to state reporters announcing a conference call this morning that will use US Rep. Paul Ryan’s imminent fundraising visit,

Wait, who’s the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate?

Unaffiliated voters, meet Linda McMahon. Some of you may have heard she’s the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate. Don’t be fooled. You haven’t seen her latest campaign mailer, directed right at you.

Coming to a theater near you!: Moses!

Not this Moses. This Moses.

Maybe Linda McMahon needs to avoid questions at Tea Party events…

The Huffington Post tonight is reporting on Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon’s “little noticed” remarks made at a Tea Party event in Waterford in April about Social Security. According

Republicans win ballot placement battle with the Supremes. SOTS Merrill responds

The Supreme Court today ruled that since Republican Tom Foley got more votes than Democrat Dannel Malloy in the 2010 gubernatorial election – Malloy won with the margin provided by those voting on the

Who is the one registered voter in Connecticut’s “Guilty” party?

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill marked National Voter Registration Day Tuesday by heralding the registration of nearly 90,000 new Connecticut voters since January 1. Young voters in the 18-29