Roraback announces Q3 fund raising results

State Sen. Andrew Roraback’s congressional campaign announced Thursday that he had raised a total of $554,605 since July 25 in his bid for the 5th District seat.

That’s just a hair under the $560,063 that Elizabeth Esty’s campaign announced earlier this week it had raised as of July 25.

That would mean that Roraback, a long time Republican lawmaker, has raised a total in the race of about $1.1 million since he entered the race, while Esty has raised a total of about $2.6 million, of course that includes a loan from the candidate to her own campaign of about $500,000.

The real question however is just how much of that money the candidates still have left in their coffers going into the last month of the race. Those figures won’t be available until the campaigns file their reports to the Federal Elections Commission on Oct. 15.

Prior to July 25, Esty had reported spending about $1.2 million on her primary battle while Roraback reported spending $424,000 in the run up to the August primary.

While Roraback has been clearly outspent so far in the race, a recent poll by by a “right leaning organization,” as reported by Politico has Roraback up nearly seven points in the race. About 42 percent of the respondents said they support Roraback’s congressional bid while 35 percent said they favor Esty’s candidacy.

Dirk Perrefort