Chris Murphy unveils new TV ad in campaign for U.S. Senate, charging that Linda McMahon is threat to middle class

Heading into Sunday’s big debate, US Rep. Chris Murphy launches a new ad today. Here’s the transcript: “I’m the son of a public school teacher. I was taught to work hard and play by the rules. But there’s a problem in Connecticut today. People like Linda McMahon – they create their own rules. Enriching themselves at the expense of the middle class. McMahon hired lobbyists to gut health protections for her workers. And as Senator, her tax plan would give herself a $7 million tax cut, but she raises middle class taxes. I’m Chris Murphy and I approve this ad because our next Senator should be on the side of the middle class.”

Here’s the url:

4 Responses

  1. World Wrestling Entertainment Inc., the professional wrestling empire formerly led by Republican U.S. Senate hopeful Linda E. McMahon, has collected nearly $3 million in state tax credits, most of which were issued just eight weeks before McMahon resigned last month to run for office, state records show.

  2. Jennifer Dante says:

    Chris Murphy is no more middle class than Linda McMahon is. Who is he trying to kid! He only wants to become our Senator because he feels it will lead to a lifetime, no work, job at the expense of the taxpayers he will be supposedly “helping”. He’s helping no one but himself. Vote NO to Chris Murphy – tell him to get a real job.

  3. Contrary to Linda McMahon Campaign’s Assertions, World Wrestling Entertainment Lobbied on Legislation: