New ad seeks to keep McMahon in striking distance of Murphy among women

Time and time again in their first debate throw-down Sunday, Democrat Chris Murphy said that a vote for self-identified pro-choice Republican Linda McMahon will enable the far right in Washington, D.C., to assault the reproductive rights of women.

McMahon, who a new Quinnipiac University poll shows trailing Murphy by 6 percentage points among likely female voters, released a rebuttal ad today that seeks to burnish her credibility with women.

The 30-second spot features testimonials from six females, two of them minorities, touting McMahon as an independent-minded candidate who will stand up for a woman’s right to choose.

The line-up of speakers includes Darien First Selectman Jayme Stevenson and Kathy McShane, a marketing professional from New Canaan who is chair of the Women for Linda Coalition, a volunteer position.

Without mentioning World Wrestling Entertainment, now the WWE, by name, the speakers tell viewers that McMahon’s employees had “excellent” health care coverage that provided for birth control and mammograms.

McMahon has invested significant time and resources courting women after losing the female vote 60 to 40 percent in 2010, when she was defeated by Democrat Richard Blumenthal.

During a joint appearance with U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., last Monday in Norwalk, the 2008 Republican presidential nominee alluded to McMahon’s need to make inroads with women.

“I think that, I’ll give you a little straight talk, we need to do better with the women’s vote,” McCain said. “We need to better with the women’s vote in Connecticut. We need to better with the women’s vote all over our national elections.”

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Neil Vigdor

2 Responses

  1. Matthew Oakes says:

    If she cares about women so much why did she allow her company to reward a convicted rapist into the Hall of Fame? What message does this send to young people? Rape is okay?

  2. Sandra says:

    Women of CT are smarter than this add leads us to believe. Linda McMahon says she in favor of CHOICE, but will have NO CHOICE when she arrives in Dc and is forced to vote with her party. Because she is so inexperienced in the ways of Washington she has no clue how the Republican Party will quickly REIN her in. Roe vs Wade will be a thing of the past and the gov’t will control the decisions we women make not us. As women we have struggled hard and long to be able to make decisions over our own bodies. Chris Murphy has ALWAYS & consistently been a champion of women. I’m an independent and have looked at both candidates records and when you do it is easy to see the difference. Just think of what Miss Linda could have done for the people of CT with the $70,000,000 she has spent on her bid for the CT Senate. That money could have provided lots of care for many women and children, but she is POWER hungry and not very intelligent. She has no command of the issues. Please think long and hard before you cast your vote for this woman. Because she’s a woman doesn’t mean she cares about us.