Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia makes the most of his brush with NJ Gov. Chris Christie

The Stamford mayor joined Trumbull Selectmen Tim Herbst in dealing with crowd control in the Stamford Marriott this afternoon as the scheduled 1:30 appearance of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Linda McMahon kept getting pushed back. By 3 p.m., the crowd seemed to have thinned out. Then, finally, there was Christie and McMahon up behind Pavia on the stage. Pavia, who has toyed with the prospect of leaving the GOP, said he agreed with McMahon’s standard line of speech about how she was running for Senate so her grandchildren would have a better life. “I took my grandson on a nature walk yesterday and he asked me, as usual, a very peculiar question…ah they do it all the time…He asked me why I wanted to be mayor of the city of Stamford….My answer was very simple…And the answer is a very simple one, ‘because I want to make things better for you, for your brother, for your friends and for every other child’ going forward that doesn’t necessarily understand what’s happening today in our country but will bear the brunt of it if we don’t do something about it immediately.”