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SOTS Merrill debunks McMahon campaign claim over New Haven ballots. Here’s one of the 40 pages ordering ballots.

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said this afternoon that New Haven sent in proof of its ballot purchases on October 23 and produced a 40-page report from that city with its recent turnout and the number of ballots it has ordered for each polling precinct for next week. The information flies in the face […] [Read More]

Mayor Bill Finch predicts big Election Day turnout in Bridgeport

Mayor Bill Finch, speaking to reporters outside Housatonic Community College this afternoon, following the appearance of Homeland Security Secy Janet Napolitano: “Oh, I think we’ll have a big turnout in Bridgeport. I think this shows the importance of government to people in their lives. I think they’ll show up in record numbers.” [Read More]

Analysis: Polls show that 14 Senate seats are still up for grabs

If current polling holds up on Nov. 6, the Republicans would net one Senate seat, leaving Democrats with a slim majority (thanks to Independents who caucus with the Democrats).

Best-case scenario for Republicans: A gain of nine.

Best-case scenario for Democrats: A gain of two.

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Election fraud hotline set up

Voters who see or experience what they believe are election irregularities will have a hotline to call on Election Day. Anyone with knowledge of election fraud or voting rights abuses can call 1-866-733-2463 (1-866-SEEC-INFO) to report suspected violations. The number is toll-free statewide.  You can also call the State Election Enforcement Commission at 860-256-2940 if […] [Read More]
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Another day, another $1.25 million in “independent” expenditures floods Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race

Yesterday the total spent by independent groups, supposely not affiliated with Connecticut’s US Senate candidates, was $8.5 million, according to the Federal Election Commission. Today that total is $9,782,014. But the day is young. The big cash was reported overnight from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, with a $517,951 media buy opposing Republican Linda McMahon; […] [Read More]