Another day, another $1.25 million in “independent” expenditures floods Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race

Yesterday the total spent by independent groups, supposely not affiliated with Connecticut’s US Senate candidates, was $8.5 million, according to the Federal Election Commission. Today that total is $9,782,014.

But the day is young.

The big cash was reported overnight from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, with a $517,951 media buy opposing Republican Linda McMahon; more than $450,000 from the Majority PAC of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, opposing McMahon; and $205,000 in TV ad buys for the “Don’t be fooled” ad opposing McMahon, paid for by the labor-backed Patriot Majority PAC. The largely self-funded millionaire McMahon, who’s outspending US Rep. Chris Murphy by at least 4-1 overall, is behind in independent expenditures about 8-to-1. Today’s filing in her favor includes about $57,000 in telemarketing support from the FreedomWorks for America conservative super PAC; and another $5,600 from the National Right to Life PAC, opposing Murphy.