Malloy, Calhoun, Blumenthal, Larson join in Murphy Fest at Hartford’s Union Station

HARTFORD – About 500 people gathered in Union Station this afternoon in a Get Out the Vote rally for U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy, who’s in a tight, tight, tight race with Republican Linda McMahon to succeed Joe Lieberman as Connecticut’s U.S. senator. The applause was loud in the echo-chamber of the old station. Jim Calhoun – who recently retired as coach of the UConn Huskies at the start of the season for which they are suspended from NCAA tournament play because of dismal academics under his watch – was a drawing card for the event, which seemed populated by politicos and union activists. Gov. Dan Malloy, understanding the importance of brevity, said that Murphy is the only candidate who “will stand up for women’s rights….this is the man who stands in the breech for Connecticut…who going to decide who’s going to be the next Supreme Court justice…who’ll be a great, great complement to (U.S. Sen.) Dick Blumenthal..”

Blumenthal: “…I know Chris Murphy’s opponent. I’ve been there. I’ve seen this movie. $50 million is not going to win this race. We are going to have an election, not an auction…In Connecticut, voters don’t allow Senate seats to be bought, because in Connecticut the people decide. When I go to Washington and I vote against any cuts, any cuts whatsoever in Social Security, I want someone at my side who knows that Social Security cuts hurt the middle class…. “