National Democratic leader says all-blue U.S. House results in New England is a rejection of tea party Republicans

Robby Mook, executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said this morning that New England’s House delegation will remain all-blue because voters repudiated “extreme” tea party.

“After Tuesday night House Democrats are back and the tea party is over,” Mook told regional reporters in a conference call, noting that nine Republican candidates in New England given the appellation of “young guns” by the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee, all lost.

“Republicans were sharply rebuked,” Mook said, noting that overall, 16 GOP incumbents were defeated on Tuesday, compared to 14 in 2008.

“The critical success was a complete rejection of not only the Republican party, but the tea party,” said Mook, noting that $21 million was invested across New England by the RCCC.

Mook was particularly proud of Elizabeth Esty’s victory over state Sen. Andrew W. Roraback in the 5th District. Although Roraback ran a fiscally conservative socially moderate race, Mook theorized that he was beholden to the tea party faction that’s taken over the Republican Party.

“The problem is he was going to go to Washington and vote with Republican leadership,” Mook said. “That’s not the kind of leader folks wanted to send to Washington… The soul of the Republican Party is a wholly owned subsidiary of the tea party. Voters know what they saw in the last Congress. Voters are smart and they saw what was happening.”