Massacre reaction: Tearful Obama says nation’s “hearts are broken”; some Democrats push for gun control

2 Responses

  1. chile_verde says:

    Now is the time for a MADD for gun control. It is time to change the attitudes of Americans.
    We don’t think people that have a drink are criminals, we just don’t want them driving. Why can’t we require gun registration (on every gun), training courses, mental health support services, and restrict the types of weapons that no law abiding individual needs to own?

    As a long time early childhood teacher, my heart aches for the parents and staff of this school. In their honor we need to stand up and speak out.

  2. TheVolleyballGod says:

    We do appreciate his tears, who wouldnt well up.. but in 3 days time he will be smiling ear to ear in some other xmas photo-op…Im not buying it