In the aftermath of Newtown shooting, Rick Perry warns about a ‘knee-jerk reaction’ for gun control

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, speaking to a Tea Party gathering, warned about “a knee-jerk reaction” from the federal government to the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting, reports NBC.

“One of the things that I hope we don’t want to see from the federal government is a knee-jerk reaction from Washington, D.C., when there is an event that occurs, that they can come in and think they know the answer,” Perry said in North Richland Hills.

In the aftermath of the Newtown tragedy, President Barack Obama, as well as the entire Connecticut congressional delegation, have called on the federal government to act on gun control. While few specifics have been mentioned by the White House, there seems to be growing national public opinion that Congress and the White House have not done enough on the issue.

“We’re all parents and they’re all our children,” said Obama, when speaking in Newtown on Sunday night. “This is our first task, caring for children. By that measure, can we truly say as a nation that we’re meeting that obligation? I’ve been reflecting on this the last few days and the answer is, no.”

Gov. Rick Perry told the reporters Monday he believes in “local control” — allowing each school district to set their own restrictions — when it comes to allowing concealed weapons into public schools.

The Lone Star State governor did not formally take questions from the press, with aides saying he was tired from an earlier trip to California and was suffering from allergies. While running for president in 2011, Perry suffered from exhaustion caused by back surgery.

“It was an extraordinary experience — I mean, one that I wouldn’t trade,” Perry said of running for president on Monday. “And looking back on it, knowing even unsuccessfully, I would, I would do it again.”

Grover Norquist previously said if Perry is to run again, he first has to deal with his back pain.

And allergies, it seems, as well.

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6 Responses

  1. geneco says:

    Has this guy lost his marbles completely?? Is his IQ that low????? This isn’t a knee jerk reaction by the Government it is a demand by the people.

    Where does this guy get off saying that school districts should set their own laws? This Sandy Hook Elementary School did not allow guns and they were the victim of a crazed gunman with an assault rifle who killed 20 of their precious children and 6 devoted grown ups. What doesn’t he get about that. Maybe they allow that in Texas but most of this country doesn’t.

    These guns have to be regulated or there will be more killings in other places. How many more will they kill before something is done?

    If Rick Perry wants to wear his six shooters walking down the streets of El Paso and try to look like Hopalong Cassidy then let him do that but in the meantime our Country is calling for gun control and he can be damned. Nobody is mentioning outlawing guns but regulating them in some manner especially assault weapons that carry large fast firing clips. Those guns are not necessary. You can get along on regular hunting rifles and your six shooters so you can play Hopalong. We need uniform control of these assault weapons.

    There was a real jerk on the Peers Morgan show last night on CNN who advocates having teachers and administrators carry guns in school so they can shoot back. This guy was the head of some gun association and it’s people like him that make our country unsafe. Maybe he should get together with Perry and they will be buddies if they aren’t already.

  2. Conn mom says:

    That’s why Rick Perry never had a chance as president!!

  3. fuzzyturle says:

    Rick perry is familiar with jerks, being one himself


  4. SteveHC says:

    If Rick Perry *really* thinks that each school district should allow guns within its schools or decide for itself whether or not to ban them, and if Texans still wish to secede from the union, maybe they should. But I doubt that even Mexico would be willing to take Texas back under such conditions.

  5. Vulture says:

    Finally a politician with BALLS that isn’t afraid to speak the truth

  6. Mayor McCheese says:

    I think some of us are getting a little tired of this. the far right wing of the Republican party is trying to hijack our country. they take and take and take from us and when there is something that is important to us, they tell us to go take a hike. Witness how the Republican lead congress and politicians from Southern States are dragging their feet in supporting the request for Sandy relief. When they need the money for hurricanes and tornado damage in the South, we are always at the ready with the cash – or when they need money for their political campaigns. When we have a need or important issue – like Sandy money or gun control or civil rights, they turn their backs on us. We should have let them secede. Maybe Lincoln made a mistake.