Himes gets DCCC finance post

A senior staffer for Rep Jim Himes, D-CT4, confirmed late Wednesday that Himes will serve as finance chair for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee in the current election cycle.

The DCCC will make the announcement Thursday morning.

“As the Republican majority once again holds jobs, recovery, and the middle class hostage to extreme ideology, it is more important than ever that we fill the House with representatives who will eat, sleep, and breathe opportunity for their fellow Americans,” Himes said Wednesday night. “I’m thrilled to devote myself to that effort.”

The move confirms earlier media reports that Himes had interest in taking a DCCC leadership role.

Himes, currently in his third term, is well-positioned, given his financial-services connections, to be a significant fundraiser for Democrats.

The DCCC could not be reached for comment Wednesday night.

David McCumber, Washington Bureau Chief