Bring in the righty


Here’s further proof that Yankee Republicans are indeed a dying breed.

Connecticut Republican Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr., the guest of former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown on a private tour of Fenway Park for GOP leaders from around the country, couldn’t resist mugging for the cameras in the dugout of the visitor’s dugout at the home park of his beloved Red Sox.

The visit to Major League Baseball’s oldest park coincided with the summer meetings of the Republican National Committee, from which Labriola just returned.

Labriola is debunking the idea that all politicians are poll driven — at least, in this case.

A June 20 Quinnipiac University poll found that 42 percent of Connecticut roots for the Yankees, compared to 37 percent for the Red Sox and 8 percent for the Mets.

No word on who Labriola was calling in from the bullpen.

The Yankees just took two of three from the first-place Sox at Fenway, including a Sunday night rubber match in which Boston’s Ryan Dempster beaned Alex Rodriguez.

“Just as in politics, I have no problem with a little chin music. But outright hitting a batter is not cool,” Labriola opined.

Neil Vigdor