State Republicans say Malloy’s ca$h-raising trip to California violated state election law

In response, state Democrats say it’s a gambit to take attention away from Tom Foley. This from the Democratic State Central Committee: “This is a baseless complaint and an empty stunt for a press release.  What they allege happened, didn’t happen. Perhaps the CT GOP is trying to divert attention away from their leading candidate for Governor, Tom Foley, who was recently found to have violated the law and who continues to lie to the public about his road rage incidents.”


Here is the guts of the complaint that the Republican State Central Committee filed with the State Elections Enforcement Commission. Last week, during a news conference in which reporters asked specifically about the contact Malloy had with Lenny Mendoca, a McKinsey & Co. executive, whose company has Connecticut contracts, the governor was vague and would only confirm that he met him.

From the complaint:

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