Movin’ on up: Herbst exploring run for statewide office


If Nancy DiNardo doesn’t already have a case of Mondays, Connecticut’s Democratic Party chairwoman probably will now.

Republican Tim Herbst, elected to a third term as first selectman in DiNardo’s hometown of Trumbull in November, has filed exploratory papers for statewide office.

Among the offices on Herbst’s radar is state treasurer, a position held by the state’s longest tenured statewide official, Denise Nappier, who is seeking re-election.

Herbst, 32, sent out an email blast to reporters just before midnight.

“Trumbull is a microcosm of the state of Connecticut both in its diverse makeup and desire for strong services and a quality of life at an affordable price,” Herbst said in a statement. “We must restore the promise of Connecticut just as we have restored the promise of Trumbull. In these challenging economic times, we need leaders who are willing to make the tough decisions, forge consensus and protect the money of the people we serve.”

The betting money is on a pithy reaction from DiNardo, a vociferous detractor of Herbst who also heads the Democratic Town Committee in Trumbull.

Nappier oversees about $50 billion in state funds, including $26 billion in retirement assets of state pensioners, teachers and select municipal employees.

Last March, she said the state teachers pension fund is 62 percent funded, compared to 40 percent on the state employee side.

A thorn in the side of Democrats, who have a monopoly when it comes to statewide offices, Herbst amassed 70 percent of the vote in the November municipal election in Trumbull.

Neil Vigdor