Foley: Remarks to gun owners group taken out of context by Democrats

There’s a disconnect between presumptive GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley and the Connecticut Democrats over Foley’s stance on gun control legislation.

Foley, addressing members of the Connecticut Citizens Defense League at their monthly meeting Tuesday night in Middletown, pledged to veto further restrictions on law-abiding gun owners if elected governor.

A self-described sportsmen who owns shotguns, Foley answered reporters’ questions afterward about whether he supports a repeal of a ban on high-capacity gun magazines that passed in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre.

“Well, listen, what I said to this group is that if there were proposals from the Legislature that reduce the burdens on law-abiding citizens that I would support it,” Foley said outside the event.

A tracker from the Connecticut Democrats taped Foley’s exchange with reporters, providing a sound bite to go along with the party’s claim that Foley supports the repeal of Connecticut’s sweeping gun control legislation.

“When asked last year if he’d have signed the bill he gave a tortured answer that no one understood. Then he said ‘guns is over,’ when it clearly wasn’t,”Nancy DiNardo, the state Democratic chairwoman, said in a statement Wednesday. “Now, when asked, he said if the Legislature sent him a repeal bill he’d sign it, and he said that if he becomes governor he will veto any attempt to strengthen the current law, including an attempt to limit the size of magazines.  Tom Foley is desperately trying to buy yet another election, and in doing so is clearly pandering to the NRA at the expense of Connecticut residents.”

Chris Cooper, a spokesman for Foley’s exploratory committee for governor, disputed Democrats’ characterization of Foley’s comments to the gun owners group.

“That’s not what he said,” Cooper told Hearst Connecticut Newspapers Wednesday.

Cooper said that the comments attributed to Foley by the Connecticut Democrats differed from those that were accurately reported by media outlets who covered the event.

As for the tracker assigned by Democrats to shadow Foley on the trail, Cooper said, “If someone was at the event, they must not have been listening or did not hear correctly.”


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Neil Vigdor

3 Responses

  1. BillCa says:

    Word from the halls of Connecticut’s legislature is that they fear the repercussions of their draconian registration & confiscation law. The CCDL has called on the legislature to put up or shut up, after state police sent out letters to “non-compliant” gun owners demanding they turn in their guns or move them out of state.

    But this only confirms what gun enthusiasts have said since 1968. Registration is the first step towards confiscation. The admission of CT that they are data-mining background check data to find “scofflaws” only proves the theory.

    That the law itself is a prima facie unconstitutional and enforcement should be delayed until the courts say otherwise is of no concern to the legislature. They believe that any law they make must be obeyed regardless of its legitimacy or not. That’s simply not acceptable in our Constitutional Republic.

    Sandy Hook was indeed a tragedy on all fronts. But the actions of one deranged young man (and also perhaps the misguided desire a mother desperate to make her son “normal”) would not be affected on bit by any legislation. Nor should people’s rights be constrained because someone who should have been institutionalized was not.

  2. Palin Smith says:

    Murphy was taken to the woodshed by a woman in Manchester eleven months ago. How can someone who knows a little about a lot of things and nothing about the most vital things be taken seriously as a US Senator?

  3. Palin Smith says:

    For informed voters, here’s Foley’s entire speech.