Corrupitcut? Maybe not anymore.

You might’ve heard about the recent scandal involving Virginia’s just-retired governor, Bob McDonell, who was indicted on Tuesday for allegedly engaging in corruption and lying to investigators about favors he accepted while in office.

That case has some people talking about which state is the most corrupt, and a batch of new rankings from the DC-based Center for Public Integrity on the subject might surprise you.

For one thing, they’ve got Connecticut as the second-least corrupt state in the country for 2014.

That could raise some eyebrows here, as authorities are finishing up the investigation into former state House Speaker Chris Donovan’s congressional campaign.

Here’s that’s interactive report card from the Center:

Among the most corrupt states, according to the CPI’s report? Wyoming, South Dakota, Michigan, Georgia, South Carolina, Maine and, naturally, Virginia.

Click here to see the full report online.

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Wes Duplantier

2 Responses

  1. Veritas says:

    Myopia at work.

  2. Melissa Leigh says:

    I can not possibly see ho CT got an “A” in Internal Auditing, and anything above a “C” in Ethics Enforcement and Legislative accountability. With the ongoing saga involving CTE/NEON- on which I depend for assistance after breaking my back and living with permanent nerve damage for the remainder of my life. I have been ignored, lied to and “safety nets I was told I would be able to have if needed were completely ignored, despite 12 consecutive business days of calls, in dire need of heat assistance and Ms. Ball looking me right in the eye and blatantly lying to my face. Berating me for “not doing for myself” (I have , despite my injuries), lugged multiple gallons of diesel with money I don’t have to get through a day or two because I was lied to or not responded to and call ins for request were never followed through to ensure oil company has received authorization. I ended up running out , a pipe burst and I “did for myself” and repaired it MYSELF… Is seems very easy for these people to stand in judgement of those such as myself when they are making $80k per year and I am force to survive on $1000 per month. My family has lived in this home for nearly 40 years and I would have hoped that loyalty , the community service our family was active in and commitment historic preservation would mean something. Apparently not.