New ad seeks to humanize Foley

Nothing quite softens the image of a candidate like him reading a book to his twins, as Republican gubernatorial hopeful Tom Foley does in the latest video released by his campaign.

Foley opts for the touchy-feely approach in the minute-long spot, which shows the former U.S. ambassador to Ireland and private equity manager from Greenwich in a family setting with his wife, Leslie, and two-year-olds, Grace Quinlan and William Reed.

“I care about being a good husband and a good dad, about every citizen being treated fairly with no one left behind, about everyone having opportunity and no one having an unfair advantage,” Foley tells viewers in the segment.

Foley’s latest ad seeks to humanize the 2010 gubernatorial runner-up, who is seeking to avenge his 6,500-vote loss to Democrat Dannel P. Malloy.

The video goes on to show Foley touring a factory and chatting up would-be supporters in typical man-on-the-street fashion.

“I care about people who struggle to make ends meet, who have health problems or worry about a family member,” Foley says. “Our leaders should be smart and good people who tell the truth. They should look after every one’s interests, not just the special few.”

Neil Vigdor