So why is President Obama coming to blue-state CT next week?

The state’s roll out of the Affordable Care Act was the best in the country. Gov. Dan Malloy has become a national figure in the debate over raising the minimum wage, so why, this early in an re-election battle for which Malloy isn’t even an announced candidate, is President Obama planning to head to Connecticut next Wednesday to underscore the minimum wage?

Malloy, speaking to reporters Friday: “I think the president’s coming to draw attention to the reality that women in America, the American work force is suffering, particularly on the lower ends of the economic ladder and it’s time to give a form of relief to that group of people. And I have to tell you that when I really dug into this and understood the number of people aged 55 and older who are actually relying on the minimum wage and that that number exceeds the number of teenagers earning the minimum wage, I was quite astounded. So I support him and am certainly happy to have him come here.”