Martha Dean, marginal GOP candidate for governor, drops from race after today’s Quinnipiac Poll results

Here’s the release:


AVON – Today, Martha Dean, Republican candidate for Governor and former two-time Republican nominee for Connecticut Attorney General, announced that she is withdrawing from the Governor’s race.  Dean says she met with her campaign advisors following today’s release of the latest Quinnipiac Poll, and that they were in agreement that withdrawing now would help Republicans unify at the upcoming Convention behind a candidate who is best positioned to win.

Dean says, “My focus has always been on moving Connecticut in a better direction, one where freedom and government limited by the Constitution prevail; but today’s polling made clear to me that I can best assist in achieving this goal by means other than running for Governor and by helping whoever is the GOP nominee win in November.” She continued, “If it takes a GOP primary to decide who we, as Republicans, think is our strongest candidate, so be it. We have excellent Republican candidates this year, and so it is especially important that Republicans avoid tactics that destroy those in our own party who represent Connecticut’s best hope in 2014 for correcting course.”