Former Comptroller General of the United States, David Walker of Bridgeport, files paperwork for August 12 GOP Lt. Gov. Primary

This from David Walker of Bridgeport, Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor: “Dave has partnered with State Senator and Republican Leader John McKinney, who qualified for the Republican gubernatorial primary and has filed the required primary paperwork to appear on the ballot.

“John and I represent a turnaround team that will focus on how to grow the economy, create jobs and put our state’s finances in order. I look forward to carrying our Comeback Connecticut message across the state.”, Walker said. “Our message stands in sharp contrast to the Malloy / Wyman Administration’s poor record.”​

“The current Administration has consistently tried to distort the facts in an attempt to deceive the people about where our state stands. When 49 percent of state residents say they would like to move out of state, you know that a major correction is needed. It’s time for truth, transparency and transformation in Connecticut. John and I will make these a reality.”