Gun control protestors put out unwelcome mat for Christie in Greenwich

They couldn’t get an audience with Chris Christie.

So the New Jersey governor will get one from the Connecticut opponents of high-capacity gun magazines when Christie visits Greenwich Monday night for a GOP fundraiser — and a rude audience at that.

The group Connecticut Against Gun Violence is planning to bus in demonstrators from Newtown for a protest outside the big-ticket fundraiser, which will support Republican efforts to win back the governor’s office, Hearst Connecticut Media has learned.

Christie drew the ire of gun violence prevention activists earlier this month when he vetoed legislation that would have reduced the cap on magazine capacity from 15 to 10 rounds of ammunition, bringing New Jersey’s law into line with Connecticut’s.

Multiple family members of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting victims say they tried to meet with Christie, but to no avail.

“High capacity ammunition magazines were designed as weapons of war,” Greenwich Selectman Drew Marzullo, a Democrat, told Hearst Thursday. “The governor of New Jersey’s veto last week, simply put, was wrong. The only logical explanation for his decision not to reduce the size of a magazine must have been rooted in pure politics. The parents of the 20 young students who were slaughtered in bright daylight on December 14, 2012, should have been afforded the opportunity to meet and talk with Governor Christie. I don’t care one iota if his schedule didn’t permit it.”

Christie’s office did not respond to a request for comment Thursday. Flirting with a run for president in 2016, Christie has characterized the 10-round limit as arbitrary, but said he sympathized with families of the victims of gun violence.

Connecticut GOP Chairman Jerry Labriola Jr. questioned the logic behind the protest, which is being planned in consultation with police since the fundraiser is taking place in the exclusive private enclave of Belle Haven.

“I guess it’s their right to bus people in to protest the laws of New Jersey,” Labriola said. “But it’s also Governor Christie’s right to govern the affairs of his state as he sees fit. We are a union of 50 sovereign states, this is Connecticut. The purpose of Governor Christie’s visit is straightforward — to raise money to defeat (Governor) Dan Malloy so we can pull Connecticut’s economy out of last place.”

The price point for tickets to the fundraiser ranges from $10,000 for a VIP host to a $1,000 minimum for supporters — there’s a $250 option for young Republicans 35 and under.

The event is being hosted by Brian Olson, a co-founder of Viking Global Investors, a hedge fund that manages more than $10 billion in investments. Olson’s Belle Haven estate is valued at $13 million.

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Neil Vigdor

3 Responses

  1. Tom in connecticut says:

    It is so very sad to see the art or reporting reach such a low. reporting , or shall I say regurgitating without digging for any facts. Christie is a thinking person who sees through the politics of the anti gun charlatans. This is the fact.I was in Hartford for the kangaroo court which narrowly voted in the gun ban.If that same vote were held again today… would not pass. It is made to appear as if many “protesters” are here to cloud the true issue at hand…voting in Tom Foley. The reality there is one single snake oil salesman behind this “protest” and that individual takes money from Bloomberg and was followed in Hartford checking in periodically with Washington as to the “progress” pushing the gun ban agenda. In this particular case PLEASE call this what it is…deflection. This is politics at its worst. The intent here is not the non issue….gun control, but to discredit Christie, and thus thwart Tom Foley’s chances of running against the presidents yes man….Malloy. You want to impress the reader….go get the facts!

  2. tom campbell says:

    ‘and a rude audience at that’
    Based on what? Are you a reporter or simply someone with an agenda and access to a media outlet?
    My understanding of the journalistic approach is that you collect information, write a piece, have it pass through a editor, then publish. You and the Post failed on both steps 1 & 3.
    You reported before the fact that the audience will be rude which might have passed muster if there had been a history of “rude” demonstrations by the gun safety groups in the past but of course there is none. Unlike the gun industry/ NRA sponsored display-your-weapons events, our group does not try to intimidate or threaten, we simply insist on common sense legislation and regulation to address the safety of the community at large and since we also have constitutional rights we will use them IN AN ORDERLY fashion whenever appropriate.

  3. EchoSix says:

    The people in this gun group do not represent Connecticut.

    We’re actually quite sick of the sycophantic, Obama supporting gun-grabbers who use the shooting as their means to impose their emotional agenda onto legal gun owners.