Outside spending eclipses $2M in governor’s race

Connecticut is the Western Union of the midterm elections: send money.

The Democratic and Republican governors associations have funneled more than $2 million to super PACs in the state for ads attacking incumbent Dannel P. Malloy and GOP challenger Tom Foley in less than two weeks.

Would-be voters can expect a television marathon of a different kind this Labor Day weekend — a advertising blitz by both parties.

The RGA on Thursday upped its total financial commitment to $718,000, steering the money to an anti-Malloy super PAC calling itself Grow Connecticut, according to a filing with the state Elections Enforcement Commission.

The group, which can accept unlimited political contributions, plunked down $218,000 for a new round of ads railing on Malloy’s record.

The ad buy is an attempt by the RGA to answer the DGA, which last week committed $1.25 million to a super PAC is set up to help Malloy known as Connecticut Forward.

The pro-Malloy fundraising vehicle bought up $840,000 in TV time for the duration of the bellwether race.

Malloy and Foley are bound by spending limits because they accepted public funding for their campaigns from the state’s so-called clean elections program.

Critics of the program say it failed to address spending by shadow groups.

Neil Vigdor