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Author: Tom Cleary

Rep. Murphy promotes bipartisanship in Illinois

U.S. Rep. Christopher Murphy (D-5) was in Illinois this weekend at a town hall meeting, promoting an effort for Democrats and Republicans to come together to fix the economy. “In Washington, nothing

Poll: Voters showing ‘serious buyer’s remorse’ on Malloy

More than 50 percent of voters questioned in a recent Public Policy Polling (PPP) poll said they would vote for former Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley over Democratic Gov. Dannel P.

Finch votes at Beardsley School

Bridgeport Mayor Bill Finch voted at Beardsley School, along with his wife, Sonya, around 11 a.m. Finch, a Democrat,  is looking to defeat challenger Mary-Jane Foster, in order to run for re-election

Vote for Joe Ganim

As Bridgeport school security guard Eddie Moro arrived to patrol the halls at Marin School, he stopped to chat a bit about the city’s politics. “If Joe Ganim was to run for Mayor tomorrow, I’d vote

The political machine at work

As three elderly Bridgeport women from the city’s East Side were helped out of a car in front of Marin School around 8:30 a.m., a woman with Bill Finch cards was quickly summoned to greet them. As the

Calm start to Primary Day at Marin School

About 30 to 40 voters have cast their ballots at Marin School for the Democratic primary. The polls have been open for two hours. Supporters of Mary-Jane Foster and Bill Finch have gathered on

Primary day begins at Marin School in Bridgeport

Primary Day has begun at the Marin School, the polling location for the 137-01 district on the city’s East Side. Only two voters have been at the polls since they opened at 5:45. The Democratic

Murphy tweets: Canadians are very unhappy with me

As Toronto Star columnist Tim Harper points out, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy (D-5) is far from a household name in Canada. But Murphy woke up Friday morning to find that Harper, and in turn many other

Lieberman talkin’ bout a revolution?

Moments after joining 36 fellow Senators to announce the new bipartisan “super committee” that will look for spending cuts, entitlement reform and tax reform, Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) took to

Rep. Murphy lands federal grant to relocate residents from Waterbury-Oxford Airport area

From WTNH News 8: The FAA will provide $5 million in federal grant funding to residents affected by noise levels. Congressman Chris Murphy (D-5) spearheaded the project to get funds for Middlebury