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The partisan geographical worm turns over the state’s incredible shrinking surplus

Remember when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was Gov. Dan Malloy’s Public Enemy No. 1? Early in Malloy’s tenure, they sparred on TV and jockeyed for national attention. Well, now, with Connecticut’s

Two leading GOP gubernatorial hopefuls pile on Malloy’s fiscal woe$

  Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, speaking with reporters after the state’s $504 million surplus fell to less $44 million, conceded that he is looking to become the GOP challenger to Gov.

Malloy cancels $55 tax rebate

HARTFORD – Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s planned election year tax rebate has become a victim of a shortfall in tax collections, his budget chief announced this morning. In a letter to lawmakers, Malloy’s

Malloy remarks on Democratic Governors Association’s federal funding lawsuit against the State Elections Enforcement Commission

Earlier this week, the Democratic Governors Association filed a federal lawsuit against the State Elections Enforcement Commission over state law on so-called independent expenditures. The DGA wants

State Democrats may have over-reacted to Tea Party comments by John McKinney, the GOP gubernatorial hopeful who might be more of a threat than known-quantity Tom Foley.

The Democratic State Central Committee today was apparently looking at Senate Minority Leader John McKinney with rose-colored glasses, hopefully dredging up a few remarks in his Wednesday night

Rep. John Shaban drops out of 4th District race

Second-term state Rep. John Shaban, an attorney from Redding who has earned a reputation as a thoughtful, articulate lawmakers in the state Capitol, has dropped his bid to win the GOP nomination to

Despite GOP leader’s statements, Rowland had “connection$” with the party’s grassroots

“…the fact is John Rowland has no connection to the Connecticut Republican Party, nor has he for over 10 years.” That’s the operative quote from Republican State Central Committee Chairman Jerry

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill slams Tom Foley’s wacky suburban humor describing Bridgeport voter officials as complicit to fraud

In the days after the 2010 gubernatorial election, when Bridgeport’s votes were finally counted amid a voter tidal wave generated by President Barack Obama’s appearance and a gross shortage of ballots

Which 4th Congressional candidate called Congress “morons” in Monday’s GOP forum in Fairfield? Read on.

The 60 folks scattered around the Fairfield Ludlowe High School auditorium still had plenty of time to get home for the crucial second half of the NCAA men’s championship on Monday night. But for a

GOP gubernatorial debate next Friday, but Tom Foley, ahead in the polls, is giving it a miss

FoxCT and The Hartford Courant are sponsoring the first debate of the 2014 gubernatorial season next week. It will be held at noon on the 11th at the auditorium of the Mark Twain House on Farmington