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Secy of the State warns local registrars that Joe Visconti remains on the ballot

  The office of the Secretary of the State has sent this out to local officials throughout the state referring to the withdrawl of conservative guns-rights candidate for governor Joe Visconti
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Gubernatorial Fact Check: Foley’s 11th hour “tax relief” plan already in effect, mostly

Republican challenger Tom Foley’s new proposal to end taxes on Social Security and teacher pension incomes, as unveiled in his final debate with Gov. Dannel P. Malloy yesterday on News8 and again on
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It ain’t exactly scientific but ‘Robots’ on WPLR indicate Malloy wins tomorrow

Gov Dannel P. Malloy just won the battle of Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots, again, over Republican gubernatorial challenger Tom Foley, at the end of their debate broadast on WPLR’s morning show “Chaz and

Malloy has daylight, 47-44 in final Quinnipiac Poll

Now that conservative stalking horse Joe Visconti has finally dropped his six gun along with his gubernatorial candidacy, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy is pulling away from challenger Tom Foley, 47-44 in the

Malloy out there a tad defining Tom Foley as really, really unfriendly to labor

“You know the stories about companies bought and companies bankrupted while he made millions and millions of dollars,” Gov. Dannel Malloy said before introducing the president to a crowd of 1,900 in

Fur flies in final debate between Foley and Malloy

  By Ken Dixon NEW HAVEN – The final gubernatorial debate focused on personal responsibility and taxes this morning, when Republican Tom Foley defended his personal tax returns, which showed that

Malloy, given chance to bash New Jersey’s Christie, demurs, but whacks Foley

Gov. Dannel Malloy, asked outside Bridgeport’s East Side Senior Center, had a chance to criticize New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and went after his gubernatorial nemesis Tom Foley, over the handling

Say it ain’t so. Gov. Malloy, policy wonk, admits he’s not always “a fun-loving guy.”

Here’s a sign of the 2014 gubernatorial campaign’s wind up

Procrastinators unite! Voter-registration deadline tomorrow

  If you don’t register to vote and exercise your franchise, do you really have cause to complain about your government? Ponder that notion when you head to your local registrar of voters today
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$1.17 M from “Dark Money” PAC in Ohio flows into pro-Foley effort

  You know the Connecticut governor’s race has national implications when a Super PAC headed by an Ohio lobbyist drops $1.17 million into Grow Connecticut, the PAC mostly backed by the Republican