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Another day, another $177,000 from “independents” for Murphy

Today’s filings of independent expenditures at the Federal Election Commission shows US Rep. Chris Murphy with an additional $176,000-plus in his efforts to defeat Republican Linda McMahon for the U.S. Senate race.  It brings his total to about $7.2 million, compared to McMahon’s $720,499. Today’s filing are led by a timeshare industry group called ARDA-Resort […] [Read More]

Plagiarism? Research? It’s part of the public discussion now, says scholar whose work was borrowed by McMahon.

A day after Sunday’s fireworks at the U.S. Senate debate, the conservative scholar whose February 2011 research paper appeared in part among Republican Linda McMahon’s campaign proposals said he’s flattered, overall, that the work has become part of Connecticut’s political discussion. But he also wishes she had put his language in quotes. “We’re never going […] [Read More]

A transcript of the post-debate spin at WFSB for Murphy, McMahon

The WFSB studio in Rocky Hill quickly made the transition Sunday afternoon from U.S. Senate debate wrestling ring to spin alley, as reporters descended first on Republican Linda McMahon and then U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy. At one point in the debate, she referred to the American law on gay marriage when she apparently meant Connecticut […] [Read More]

Chris Murphy unveils new TV ad in campaign for U.S. Senate, charging that Linda McMahon is threat to middle class

Heading into Sunday’s big debate, US Rep. Chris Murphy launches a new ad today. Here’s the transcript: “I’m the son of a public school teacher. I was taught to work hard and play by the rules. But there’s a problem in Connecticut today. People like Linda McMahon – they create their own rules. Enriching themselves […] [Read More]

Why didn’t Obama mention the “47 percent”? (VIDEO)

Denver – One of many headscratchers after President Obama’s listless, unfocused debate performance Wednesday was why he didn’t hit GOPer Mitt Romney with Mitt’s infamous “47 percent” remark. It’s only a centerpiece of Obama’s campaign and one of Romney’s biggest gaffes of the year. Obama’s campaign manager Jim Messina’s answer: It didn’t come up. Huh? […] [Read More]
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