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League of Conservation Voters on Tuesday will announce $100,000-plus effort against Linda McMahon

The Washington-based environmentally centric League of Conservation Voters on Tuesday morning has scheduled a conference call with reporters to announce a “six-figure” independent expenditure campaign against Republican U.S. Senate candidate Linda McMahon. Navin Nayak, the LCV’s senior vice president of campaigns, will tell reporters that McMahon is the newest member of the organization’s “Dirty Dozen” […] [Read More]

Murphy, McMahon continue sparring on Social Security, Medicare, as Sunday morning debate gets closer

MERIDEN – Sensing an opening in his political street fight with Republican Linda McMahon, U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy on Wednesday continued to punch away on earlier remarks she made to conservative Tea Party members on ending Social Security. During a campaign stop at the Meriden Center, a Genesis HealthCare nursing home and short-term rehab center, […] [Read More]

Live presidential debate blog with Themis Klarides and William Tong

Live video from your iPhone using Ustream Please join our two political experts, Democratic state Rep. William Tong and Republican state Rep. Themis Klarides, as they score the first presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney Wednesday night. Jump in the fray with your own comments and observations about the debate, which starts at […] [Read More]

Five debates that changed the course of presidential campaigns

There are memorable moments in presidential debates — and then there are important moments. The memorable moments — Rick Perry’s “oops,” Lloyd Bentsen’s “you’re no Jack Kennedy,” Admiral Stockdale’s “who am I, what am I doing here” — are, well, memorable, but they often don’t determine the ultimate winner of the presidential race. Then there […] [Read More]

Ten most memorable moments from presidential debates

Most presidential debates are lost to history, inconsequential encounters in the wide sweep of presidential campaigns. But a few moments have been locked into our memories. Here are ten of the key most intriguing moments in the 52-year history of presidential debates: 1. Richard Nixon, sick and sweaty, looks bad even though he sounds good, […] [Read More]

Electoral College Update: Bad news for Romney on eve of debates

Welcome to our weekly Electoral College update. Every Monday morning between now and Election Day, Nov. 6, we will analyze the latest poll results from the 12 most competitive states and let you know which ones are more Republican than the national average and which are more Democratic. We’ll also give you an update on […] [Read More]

Ten races where Mitt Romney could sink Republican candidates

Mitt Romney’s campaign woes have taken a toll on Republican candidates in Democratic-leaning or swing states. Polls show that some Republicans who had been running ahead of Democratic opponents have now slipped into tight contests, while others who had been surging around Labor Day have now dropped behind. The impact of Romney’s struggles is not […] [Read More]

Ten races where Barack Obama could sink Democratic incumbents

There’s been a lot of media attention lately focused on Republican candidates who are distancing themselves from struggling presidential nominee Mitt Romney. But Mitt Romney’s not the only presidential candidate who made turn out to be toxic for some of his own party’s candidates. Barack Obama’s lack of popularity in Republican-leaning states is endangering some […] [Read More]