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Murphy wants $555.8 million directed at NE corridor rail safety.

Murphy says it’s time to `celebrate’ success of Obamacare

Sen. Chris Murphy stood on the Senate floor Thursday astride a placard that looked like a party invitation, complete with balloons, streamers and decorations. The only difference: It had “ACA works’’ across the front, reflecting Murphy’s assignment as head of Senate Democrats #ACA Works Campaign. Welcome to Murphy’s party for the Affordable Care Act – […] [Read More]

Rick Santorum on Ted Cruz: “In the end, he did more harm”

Santorum stopped short of saying Cruz was the face of the Republican party — although Cruz was one of the most notable names involved in this month’s government shutdown and the fight to defund the Affordable Care Act. [Read More]

GOP members grow increasingly hostile towards Cruz

As the government shutdown continues and blame continues to fly, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz is coming under fire once again from his members of his own party. [Read More]

President Obama urges Congress to end government shutdown on first day of Obamacare implementation

Congress failed Monday to pass legislation that would fund the government — making this the first time the government has shut down since 1996. [Read More]

From abortion to pot, the ten most important ballot issues of 2012 election

Thirty-eight states have ballot measures that will be in play on Nov. 6 and though many deal with issues such as taxes and administrative issues, other states will decide on hot-button national topics from Obamacare to marijuana legalization. [Read More]