Industrial fire in upstate New York prompts Malloy to partially activate emergency center

  An industrial fire in Ghent, N.Y. in Columbia County across the line from western Massachusetts, has prompted Gov. Dannel Malloy to partially activate the state’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Obama leads Romney 51-43 in Connecticut

Barack Obama shouldn’t be worried about losing Connecticut this fall, but the race for the state’s even electoral votes is shaping up to be a whole lot closer than Obama’s 2008 race against John

Yo, Adrian?

Christopher Shays needs an Ivan Drago moment. The Senate campaign of the ex-GOP congressman is invoking Rocky Balboa in its latest appeal to GOP primary voters. You heard that correctly, “Rocky.” No,

McMahon goes full bore on unemployment, Murphy in new ad

Primary day is exactly two weeks away. But who’s counting? Not Linda McMahon. Way ahead of her primary opponent Christopher Shays in the polls and in cash, McMahon is allocating her resources for

Cafero on McKinney’s call for Donovan probe: Lots of ?s about process

This afternoon state Sen. John McKinney, R-Fairfield, called for the creation of a special legislative inquiry panel to investigate the ongoing campaign finance scandal surrounding House Speaker Chris

Jabs, agreement, in 5th District

The four Republican candidates in last night’s 5th Congressional District debate at Brookfield High School agreed on a whole lot. As Bob Miller writes: They said they favor lower taxes and less

Senate debate replay

Missed last night’s Democratic Senate debate between Chris Murphy and Susan Bysiewicz? You can watch a replay of the debate here via WTNH: Candidates face off in democratic senate debate 2012

Live coverage: 5th District GOP debate

The four candidates vying for the Republican nomination in the state’s 5th Congressional District — Andrew Roarback, Lisa Wilson-Foley, Justin Bernier and Mark Greenberg — will meet tonight for a