The Bull Moose and Whig parties have nothing on Connecticut for Lieberman. Despite the fact that the its enigmatic namesake is retiring from the Senate in less than six months, CFL still has 79

We’re seeking questions for Murphy/Bysiewicz debate

Hearst Connecticut Media Group is co-sponsoring a debate between Democrats U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy and former Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz, who are competing in August’s primary to run for

Sec. of State: # of uncontested Assembly races lowest since ’98

Folks involved in politics often complain the atmosphere is so poisoned by partisanship and a general disdain for elected officials that it is hard to recruit candidates. But according to Secretary of

McMahon’s new flack

Linda McMahon wasted little time plugging the hole in her press shop. The Republican Senate contender has named Tim Murtaugh as the new communications director of her campaign. Murtaugh previously

Blumenthal’s sack dance: NFL softens blackout policy

The National Football League is calling an audible on its widely-criticized and longstanding TV blackout policy. So long as at least 85 percent of tickets are sold for each home date, the game will be

Erin Go Home: A departure in McMahon’s press shop

Linda McMahon has a new messenger. Erin Isaac is leaving her $144,000-a-year post as communications director for McMahon’s Senate campaign. The 34-year-old flack quietly reached out to members of the

McMahon’s wunderkind

There is proof indeed that summer interns don’t just answer telephones. Her name is Linda McMahon. Once again the favorite to win the Republican primary for U.S. Senate, as she did two years ago,

As June ends can Donovan MoveOn from campaign scandal?

As I type this at 5 p.m. Friday, these final two weeks of June have generally been good for Chris Donovan, particularly compared to how the month began for the 5th District candidate. On May 30