Tempered praise from Lieberman on ruling

Joe Lieberman, who is hardly a BFF of President Obama, had a somewhat favorable reaction to today’s Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act. I say somewhat, because a statement issued by
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Bernier: Obama is a “liar”

Some strong comments out of the campaign of 5th District GOP Congressional hopeful Justin Bernier on today’s Supreme Court ruling. “While I haven’t had the opportunity to read the entire Supreme Court
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Stung by SCOTUS ruling, GOP rails on tax implications

Will today’s landmark Supreme Court ruling galvanize Republican foes of “Obamacare” in Connecticut and around the country? Republicans on the ballot are already recrafting their message in the wake of
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Analysis: For Obama, a major policy victory will revive political war over health

The Supreme Court has thrust health-care reform into the center of the 2012 campaign debate, and Republicans are vowing to turn a legal defeat into an electoral victory. The 5-4 decision, with
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Rapid Reax: SCOTUS upholds “Obamacare”

Connecticut Democrats are understandably rejoicing after the highest court in the land upheld what is known as the “minimum provision” or individual health insurance mandate in the Affordable Care Act
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Aug. 10 hearing on chimp attack victim’s suit against state

Some significant developments this week in Charla Nash’s efforts to sue the state Department of Energy & Environmental Protection for $150 million. Nash is the ex-Stamford resident who in 2009 was
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Bob will talk mattresses, not the politics of mattresses

When city, state and federal officials gathered in Bridgeport today to celebrate the grand opening of Park City Green, a nonprofit mattress recycler, client Bob Kaufman was on hand. You might not
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Malcolm in the Middle

The air was thin. But the checkbooks were plenty fat this past weekend at The Chateaux at Silver Lake, the posh Deer Valley, Utah, hotel/lodge that was descended ascended upon by 800 of Mitt Romney’s
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