Sen. Richard Blumenthal

Lawmakers join effort to rescue the Sound from decades of pollution

With new legislation to continue the restoration of the Long Island Sound, Connecticut and New York area lawmakers hope to reverse the effects of over-development, pollution, dumping of dredged
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Senate approves defense bill with goodies for Sikorsky

The Senate offered up some good news for beleaguered Sikorsky Aircraft, approving a defense authorization bill that includes more than $3 billion for helicopter purchases and upgrades from the
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Rep. Jim Himes voted again to support President Obama on trade fast track.

Himes again votes for trade fast track

For the second time in a week, Rep. Jim Himes voted in favor of giving President Obama unfettered fast-track authority to negotiate a controversial trade deal with 11 Pacific rim trading partners –
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With Sen. Murphy’s support, FCC votes to add broadband in ‘reboot’ of Lifeline

The Federal Communications Commission voted 3-2 Thursday to begin the process of tweaking its Lifeline Assistance program to include broadband, a reform Sen. Chris Murphy pushed for with legislation
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2 more years? Labriola picks up unlikely endorsement in state GOP race

Connecticut’s top Republican, Jerry Labriola Jr., is distancing himself from what his surrogates characterized as a rogue YouTube video urging GOP leaders to stay the course and re-elect him as party
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Sen. Richard Blumenthal is co-sponsoring bill on military sexual assault.

Senate to vote on military sexual assault bill

The Senate votes today on legislation to overhaul prosecution of sexual assault crimes in the military, taking the decision out of the chain of command and handing it over to independent uniformed
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Sen. Chris Murphy

Murphy pushes amendment to bar combat troops from Iraq

Sen. Chris Murphy on Monday pushed an amendment that would bar the use of American combat troops to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria, with several exceptions. Murphy, a member of the Senate Foreign
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Foley: voters should be able to remove Malloy from office

If only the voters of Connecticut could have a mulligan, Republican Tom Foley says he’d relieve Gov. Dannel P. Malloy of his duties. Foley, ending a self-imposed media blackout in his home state since
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