Outrageous Beverly Hills spec house asks $150 million

Featuring 10 bedrooms, 20 bathrooms, 38,000 square feet, a movie theater complex, parking for 60 cars and not just a spa but a spa level, 301 Carolwood Drive in Los Angeles has just come to market asking $150 million. If sold at anywhere near that price, it would beat out neighboring ridiculous mansion, Fleur de Lys,

Oakland rents jumps again in April, now equal with Boston

Since last summer, Oakland’s been getting a lot of press for its rapid, rather unsettling housing price appreciation, particularly that of its rental market. According to Zumper’s National Rent Report for April, 2016, that appreciation has continued. Oakland is up 1.3 percent for one beds and 0.7 percent for two beds month-over-month. “Prices are now
Places with the Highest Cost of Living

Places with the Highest Cost of Living

by Ben Taylor, CareerTrends.com You probably know someone with a tech job in San Francisco or an advertising gig in New York. She eats at world-class restaurants, travels to foreign countries on business and boasts a LinkedIn profile sparkling with brand names and blockbuster deals. But what gets under your skin most is her salary,
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Market gridlock? San Francisco’s starter home inventory down 70% in four years

“Starter homes” are just what they sound like: the low end of the market where the buyer, new to said market, begins an ostensive trajectory upward. The starter home brings the needed wealth/equity to move to a“trade up” home, which is theoretically closer to the ideal home the buyer sought from the outset, but could

Bay Area hosts three of nation’s top five most pricey rental markets

Rents in three Bay Area cities went up last month, meaning that now, our corner of California commands three places in the top five most expensive rental markets in the nation. According to Zumper’s National Rent Report for March, 2016, San Francisco rent prices increased 2.6 percent in February, reaching a median one bedroom price of $3,590.This

Bill would give renters similar tax break to homeowners

Homeowners have long been able to deduct their mortgage payment interest as well as their property taxes from their federal tax bills. But now renters may be able to get in on some sizable housing deductions too, if a recently introduced bill is passed in the U.S. Senate. Obviously, renters don’t have mortgage payments or

San Francisco home prices: affordable to only eight percent of households?

Despite the first drop in home values since 2011— posted at the close of 2015– San Francisco real estate still prices are still at record highs. This means that affordability is record low. How low? Does only eight percent of households earning enough to afford current home prices sound low enough? The only time it’s

San Francisco real estate ‘overvalued’ according to new report

As San Francisco home prices continue to rise, a new report is calling the local market “overvalued” by about 16 percent. Prices continue to go up in many markets throughout the country, but home prices in the Bay Area have “risen to a level unsupportable by area income,” according to Fitch Ratings. That’s news that