Governor Malloy lists his Shippan home for $1.5 million

Stamford Advocate File Photo

Stamford Advocate File Photo

Governor Dannel P. Malloy put his Shippan home on the market this week, asking $1,478,000 for the carriage-barn he and his wife turned into a modern luxury home in one of Stamford’s most prized neighborhoods.

“It just went on the market this week,” said Gail Malloy, the governor’s sister who is the listing agent for the property.

The four-bedroom, four-bathroom home at 277 Ocean Drive East includes a total of 2,893 square feet of living space, according to assessment records on file at Stamford city hall.

“It’s awesome. It’s in a great neighborhood, and it has an interesting history, so as a property, it’s incredible,” Gail Malloy said.

Gov. Malloy and his wife Cathy purchased the barn in the 1990s and had it moved from its original site where it served as a carriage house and reconstructed to serve as a home for their family. It was completed in 1998 and has all modern amenities, according to the listing on Zillow.

Originally, the building was a part of the Andrus estate, which has some historical roots in Shippan. According to “A Concise History of Shippan,” a 1985 brochure published by the Stamford Historical Society, the Andrus estate dates back to 1887 when Colonel Woolsey Roger Hopkins built a large mansion on Ocean Drive East, naming it “The Holiday House.” Here’s a bit from the historical society describing the origins of that estate, from whence the barn originated:

Several large plots of land were sold in 1885 on the southeastern shore for $2,000 or more each, and that same year, Colonel Woolsey Rogers Hopkins, grandson of Moses Rogers, bought several parcels south of the hotel for $8,000 and in 1887 erected the large mansion on Ocean Drive East. Colonel Hopkins was the first president of the Stamford Historical Society and he often entertained the members at his “Holiday House”. Early in the 20th century the house was sold to the Andrus family, and it is still in their possession. Smaller parcels of land along the western shore (near today’s Yacht Club) averaged $800 each, and several summer cottages were erected there at Silver Beach, including those of the Gillespie family who closed their houses in town and moved to Shippan for the summer.

This isn’t the first time the Malloy property has hit the market. Back in 2011, the Governor listed the home for about $100,000 more than he’s asking now, but was unsuccessful in the effort to sell the property; a tenant has been living in the home since then.

Maggie Gordon