Breaking: Copper Beech Farm sells for $120 million



When Greenwich’s Copper Beech Farm hit the market last spring, asking $190 million, people across the nation noted that while the home earned the distinction as the most expensive single-family home ever to hit the American market, it wouldn’t necessarily close at a nine-figure sum. But it did.

Earlier this week, the mansion that was once home to the Lauder Greenway family closed with a final price of $120 million, according to the Greenwich Town Clerk’s office. The paperwork was filed early Friday morning.

You can check out the full listing here, and read more about the property in some of our previous stories, like this piece written when it originally went on the market, and this post when the price was first chopped.

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Maggie Gordon

4 Responses

  1. tom farrelly says:

    Who bought it?

  2. PTA says:

    The trees around the tennis court need trimming.

  3. Stu Cozza says:

    How did I miss that one?

    Dang! :(

  4. RLV says:

    I probably couldn’t afford to live in the tool shed…whoa..