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Do You Want Salmonella With That?

Here’s something to ruin your appetite: An article in the Insurance Journal revealed a research report which found that many restaurant employees engage in activities which are against health code standards. Mmmmm…. The North Carolina State University study reviewed 8 restaurants through video surveillance (“Smile! You’re on candid camera!”) to observe their food safety practices. Results showed […] [Read More]

Insuring and Ensuring Your Income

Businessowners, if I told you that you could take out an insurance policy on your income, your ears would perk up in that adorable way dogs’ ears do, wouldn’t they? Let’s explore… Assuming that you get a chance during the year to slip away and take a vacation, what does your business look like after […] [Read More]

“Can-of-Whoop-A**” Insurance Coverage for Your Restaurant, Bar, Lounge

If you own a bar, a lounge or a restaurant that serves liquor, assault and battery insurance is a coverage option you must not go without. If a patron (or one of your employees) decides to open a can of whoop-a** on another patron, the resulting brawl could garner a lawsuit against your establishment. When […] [Read More]


A friend of mine owns a web design and development company and asked, “If I’m not doing location visits anymore, only creating and servicing websites, I don’t really have any liability, right? If I’m knocking out a website, what liability do I really have? What are they gonna do, sue me?!” Heck yeah, you need […] [Read More]