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The Smartest Pricing Strategy for Selling Your Home in 2015

Preparing your home for sale involves a lot of research, and the majority of it comes with strategic price positioning, as well as marketing. After all, they do go hand in hand with each other. When it comes to setting an asking price for your home, it’s time to get into the digital age, and […] [Read More]

What To Do When You Get a “Low-Ball” Offer.

Getting a call from your agent that you have an offer is exciting, but it’s every seller’s nightmare to get one that seems to be ridiculously low, especially if you have added a little wiggle room to the asking price. First, try not to be insulted.  The buyers objective is to obtain an agreement on […] [Read More]

How Market Time Impacts Your Home Sale.

Whether you are buying or selling, “Days on Market” affects a sale. Depending what side of the transaction you are on, and how much time has lapsed from the initial offering of the home, it could be a positive or a negative. When you are selling,  you may have already heard from your Realtor that […] [Read More]
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The Fine Art of Pricing Your Home… Correctly!

Thinking about selling? Arriving at a price based upon what your mortgage payoff is, how much down-payment you’ll need, and what sites like Zillow say your home is worth is not only impractical- it has a very slim chance of being accurate. Market value is what a ready, willing and able buyer will pay for […] [Read More]

The All-Cash Offer You Just Got Seems Low, but is it?

When you are selling a home, you might be very excited to hear that you have a cash offer. Why? Having a buyer that does not need to apply for a mortgage is one less major contingency to the sale that is immediately taken off the plate. However, these proposed cash purchases are usually less […] [Read More]

Clues to See if the Home You Want to Buy Has Water in the Basement

Seeing water in the basement  isn’t too pretty, and it’s not good when  you see it in a home you want to buy- but what about what you don’t initially see? One of the biggest concerns that most buyers have is whether or not the basement has gotten, or continues to get water any seepage, […] [Read More]

Renters: Be Careful of Real Estate Scams!

Many prospective tenants that peruse the internet on sites similar to Craigs List already are aware that some of the homes listed there may be “suspect”. Any home that appears to be grossly underpriced for the market often is not truly available at all, and may be part of a scam to take your money […] [Read More]
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Can a REALTOR® Buy Your Home?

The short answer is yes, you can sell your home to anyone at any price that you agree to. HOWEVER licensed agents are bound by law to disclose this  to you prior to the execution of any  contract of sale. Why?  It may be assumed that a licensed agent  has more knowledge of the market […] [Read More]