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Selling Your Home: Lessons From a Supermarket

What does a supermarket possibly have in common with the home selling process? In short, supermarkets implement and artfully execute strategic marketing,  or what is also called “positioning”. The big  supermarket chains are amazingly adept in marketing their products.  They know how to position their items,  have an in-depth understanding of the various ways to […] [Read More]

Your Home is Overpriced?

Not looking forward to having that “Just Reduced” phrase attached to your home?  You’re not alone. Hearing those dreaded four words that no seller wants to hear- as in, “Your home is overpriced” makes sellers cringe. Unfortunately, the market changes, inventory changes, and circumstances occur that are beyond yours or your agents control, which would […] [Read More]

What’s Wrong With the Neighborhood?

Two weeks ago there was one house for sale, and then another one came on the market, and now…. another For Sale sign just went up! There are not all that many houses on the street, so what gives? When one home goes up for sale on a street, and then a few others pop […] [Read More]
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The Building Inspection- Seller’s Bane or Buyers Boon?

The dreaded building inspection. Most every seller and buyer tend to get a little apprehensive about the outcome of this customary practice after an offer has been accepted. Building inspection reports are an important aspect of every transaction, as any educated buyer would want a professional to review the home’s mechanicals and structure prior to […] [Read More]

Buying or Selling a Home On or Near the Water? Take Note…

Oh, the beautiful. peaceful and serene water views…. One of the greatest things about living in Fairfield County, Connecticut is that there are a variety of waterfront properties that you could make your home, whether it be on Long Island sound, a lake or a pond. The potential downside? Even when you live within close […] [Read More]

Top Tips for Beginning Your Home Search

Whether you are in the market to buy your first home, or you are an experienced home buyer, your home search should begin by understanding the state of the market, utilizing the new technologies available, and choosing the right Realtor. Understanding the market- National trends do not hold true of our area of Fairfield County. […] [Read More]

Buying a Bank Owned Home- Is it Worth it?

You may have heard that you could get a great “deal” by buying a foreclosed home, or a bank owned property. Oftentimes these properties are more trouble than they are worth,  and in more ways than one.  Consider the following: Generally speaking, bank owned properties have not been  maintained well- the previous owners  couldn’t pay […] [Read More]
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Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Some  homeowners feel that staging a home for sale is unnecessary, yet others  can go hog-wild  on the staging front by removing so many pieces that a home looks bare. Staging is not about removing everything in sight, it’s about removing unnecessary items that distract the buyer from the house and a particular room (or […] [Read More]