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Perform Your Own Due Diligence When Selling a Fixer-Upper

We all know that buyers will hire a company to perform a building inspection prior to purchasing a home. However, if you are selling a home that you know needs work, it is highly advisable to obtain your own report. As a seller, it is important to understand what the buyers see when they look […] [Read More]

Buying or Selling? A LOT Could go Wrong…

Although we don’t go into a transaction thinking something could go awry, that’s not to say that something cannot go wrong in the process. The majority of agents will not leave your transaction in a mess, and will do their best to ensure a smooth transaction for their client, but there are many people involved, […] [Read More]

Did You Just Buy or Just Sell a Home? Shhhh!

If you have just sold or just purchased a home, your first instinct  might be to tell your friends and family that you just got a sale for “x” amount of dollars, or  that the  seller accepted your offer of $$$ on a home  DON’T DO IT. Don’t share it in person, over the phone, […] [Read More]

Four Levels of Home Staging Every Seller Should Know.

Over the last decade, “home staging” has begun to gain tremendous popularity, and has since evolved into quite the novelty  in the past few years. Staging is not a gimmick and it does work quite well, as long as you have the time, assistance,  and/or budget to  implement the techniques. Most sellers, and agents (for […] [Read More]

Negotiating? – Don’t Let Your Deal Fly South.

How much should you negotiate from the asking price of your home? The short answer is that the amount of negotiating will be different for everyone,  given the home and/or seller circumstances.  While this may seem initially vague, there are four factors that will play an essential part in the ultimate selling price of your […] [Read More]

Security Systems and Selling Your Home

If you have a security system for your home and have decided to sell, you have two choices. “Arm” it as usual, or discontinue enabling your home’s security system  for the most part while it is for sale. It is my firm belief that if you are accustomed to arming your home on a daily […] [Read More]
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That Ugly House is Bound to be a Great Deal!

While scouting for your next home, have you ever driven by a house with little or no curb appeal, and refused to go in?  Well, you are not the only one, but do yourself a favor- go inside the next one. You may be pleasantly surprised. Sometimes, homeowners concentrate on the interior decor rather than […] [Read More]

An Overpriced Home is a Buyer’s Dilemma, Too.

If you are in the market to buy a home, you’ve seen them. Probably a lot of them. Overpriced houses for sale. But what if you like that overpriced home? How do you know if the seller will ever negotiate to a reasonable price? Unfortunately, you are just not going to know unless you try- […] [Read More]