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Selling? How to Maximize Your Home’s “Attractive Quotient”

It’s safe to say that most people know that an attractive home will sell quicker than one that does not have that adjective attached to it. But, just to clarify, an “attractive” home for sale also

How to Increase Your Home’s Selling Potential by Over Eight Percent

You can increase your homes chances  of getting sold simply by allowing showings, no matter how untimely or inconvenient they may be.  Generally speaking, if a buyer would like to see your home at a
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Buyers Will Choose a Home Based Upon These Top Three Reasons

You may think buyers will love your home because of your extraordinary taste in home furnishings or the incredible job you did with your home addition. Unfortunately , that’s not always the case. 

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cost Per Square Foot to Calculate a Home Price

Many buyers and sellers attempt to analyze comparables in order to arrive at an appropriate home sale price, however calculating the cost this way is NOT an accurate representation of a property’s

Best Home Buyer Strategies

When you are in the market to buy a home, have a plan in place. One day soon, your agent is literally going to open the door to your new home. So make sure that you have a set strategy for when that
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Are You Buying or Selling a Home Near a Gas Station?

This may sound like an odd question, however if a home is near a gas station and considered TOO close, it may not be so mortgageable. Can you still buy this home or sell it? Of course! The only caveat

You’ve Probably Never Heard of this Unique and Effective Homeseller Strategy.

Conventional practice when selling a home consists mainly of proper marketing to pique a buyer’s interest which would ultimately result in an offer to purchase, and a negotiated sale. In the instance
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Sooner or Later? The Best Time to Conduct a Final Walk-Through on Your New Home.

Buying a Home? There can be a lot of time between the moment that  you make your offer on a home until the time that you close. The time frame can be anywhere from 45 – 60 days on average in Fairfield