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Home Staging Mistakes to Avoid

Some  homeowners feel that staging a home for sale is unnecessary, yet others  can go hog-wild  on the staging front by removing so many pieces that a home looks bare. Staged and sunlit living room with pillows and plantsStaging is not about removing everything in sight, it’s about removing unnecessary items that distract the buyer from the house and a particular room (or rooms),  and adding other items to enhance them. It’s about painting the walls a neutral color that complements many different types of decor,  and adding strategic pieces of furniture throws, lamps,  and/or pillows to give an area a warm and inviting look.

Staging your home without the help of a professional is seldom advised. Why? Think of it this way- you are personally attempting to point out what others may not see as aesthetically pleasing as you do. This is a house that you call home. The interior is designed for your own taste. It’s inherently emotionally  difficult to remove or replace items you may have an emotional attachment to. Your trusted agent is an objective third party, who can look at your home in the eyes of a buyer, and advise you .

Here are a few staging tips:

beforeafterstaging1Kitchen-  remove all excess items from the  countertops. That includes  the toaster oven that you rarely use, food items,  papers, and such, as well as all of those refrigerator magnets. The buyers need to see that you have ample counter space.

Dining room- SET THE TABLE for a formal dinner. It looks beautiful, and enhances the room.

Living room- Remove excess personal effects, and make sure that whatever unique artwork on the walls is not overwhelming in any manner.

beforeafterstaging2Bedrooms- have you considered the placement of your furniture? Are your draperies on top of or  just above the window frame, or are the rods at the ceiling? The newest and freshest looks begin at the very top of the wall. It may or may ot be appropriate for your room, but an experienced agent liek myself can give you that advice.


Bathrooms- remove excess personal effects from view including but not limited to shampoos, conditioners, and other personal grooming items. The bathroom should always sparkle and smell fresh. Helpful hint- Mr. Clean with Febreze has an amazingly fresh scent.

The basement- …. and  why does everyone forget about staging a basement? If you have some items downstairs  it is perfectly fine. It shows the buyer that you are not concerned about dampness.   Removing everything from the basement is rarely a good idea, and painting the floor and walls only make sit look like you are trying to hide something.  Storing a few items is always okay, just do not overdo it where someone needs to meander through a veritable obstacle course to get from one side to another. Overall, neutral colors work best. Strategically placed pillows, throws and updated lighting fixtures and/or lamps are all essential in helping your home show its very best.  Remember, what works well in one house doesn’t necessarily work the same in another. Rather than look up articles online, or duplicate photos that look nice to you, ask a qualified Realtor like me what is best.

Judy Szablak