Story hour: Valentino snubs Greenwich selectman

At Wednesday’s Democratic Town Committee meeting, Drew Marzullo kicked off his Selectman’s Report with a little story from last month’s royal affair at the polo field.

Scene: The stands at Greenwich Polo Club during the Sentebale Polo Cup — an invitation-only affair at which England’s Prince Harry scored the winning goal.

Date: Wednesday, May 15

“All of a sudden Gayle King walks in, so you have Oprah’s BFF. Then — get this, get back — Bette Middler! So I’m thinking I’ve died and gone to gay heaven.

“Here’s the point of the story: I’m sitting here with Valentino for about an hour talking with him and you’re thinking, ‘I have arrived.’ Right? He’s engaging you. You’re engaging him.

“I have a 4 p.m. Board of Selectman meeting — true story — so I leave. Now, mind you, with Valentino, for an hour, talking.  I’m in line to get my car, I look back, it’s Valentino. I’m thinking maybe, you know….

“And he hands me his thing for his car. He thinks I’m the car boy.”