Greenwich student takes life after first day of school

A sophomore at Greenwich High School took his life shortly after the first day of classes Monday, First Selectman Peter Tesei said.

Tesei said he has been told by people in the community who knew the student that bullying might have contributed to his decision to take his own life.

“It’s just a really horrific tragedy and I’m deeply saddened to hear of it,” Tesei said. “I extend my condolences to the family.”

He added, “I know the schools have invoked their crisis intervention team to provide support to students who were acquainted with this young man.”

Greenwich Police said they are investigating an incident this morning but would not elaborate nor confirm the GHS student’s death.


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  1. Sunny says:

    My heart is breaking for Bart and his family. Bullying happens everywhere and kids NEVER tell the adults in their lives the true extent of it. People DID take their own lives back in the ”good old days” and many others were scarred for life. I wish there were some sort of ‘respite schools’ that could whisk kids that are being cruelly maltreated as Bart was, away to a safe and accepting environment to help them heal. One of my children was bullied for several years as a middle school student, and the hurt and pain and shame it caused him are still with him 10 years later.
    Bart, I wish someone in the school community could have done more for you. Bart needed to be placed in another school environment where he could be celebrated instead of attacked every single day. For kids like Bart, the school district should find the funding to place him somewhere else. There are a number of ‘alternative’ private schools in Fairfield and Westchester Counties, where he could have been safe and kindly treated. Perhaps a special fund could be created for this purpose that community members could contribute to, much as we do for college scholarships for graduating GHS seniors. And perhaps egregious bullies ought to be expelled or sent to boot camp like schools.

  2. jetzro says:

    GHS Grad. Your comment clearly shows you are a complete fool. The fact he had access to the gun locker has nothing to do with the bullying he had to face for years in the Greenwich school system.

  3. GHS Grad says:

    I think it needs to be said that it is foolish to leave a gun unsecured such that a 15-year-old can get to it. Sorry for their loss, but the parents deserve some of the blame for this. And it seems they should have known Bart was troubled, all the more reason not to give him access to a gun. I would be happy to see his parents charged with reckless endangerment – maybe it would send a message to other foolish parents.

  4. Catherine McCarthy says:

    It’s not just the kids that are responsible,the schools are just as guilty,this was going on for years and that told this poor kid nobody gives a damn.(Peter North)Teasing or kids being kids,obviously you were never tortured or ostracized or maybe you were one of the kids doing the “teasing”.(Graham)When a person is verbally abused for years,especially the formative ones,what do you think happens?Some kids can’t tough it out,a lot of kids that are bullied or don’t have those skills to defend themselves are onlies.I grew up with 7 siblings and if anyone messed with me they would have to deal with the three older ones.I learned my coping skills from my siblings who knocked me around some but God forbid someone else did it.I pray for these poor parents and my heart is with them,My son chose to leave this world also,and I will NEVER recover from it!

  5. Karen says:

    What is even more sad is that nothing is being done about it.

  6. Tom Mo says:

    It is sad. But why blame the kids for essentially living what they were taught. In biology we are taught that we happened by chance, the weird concoction of primordial goo…that we are the result of random mutations and and adaptations. Why rail against the kids when its Darwinian evolution at its finest? Survival of the fittest and all….surprise surprise! the kids were listening.
    Imagine though if we taught the kids the truth? That they were made in God’s image and that they have value, not based on their being human but rather that They have a soul and a creator that values them above all else….

  7. Peter North says:

    Is “bullying” a new term for what everybody used to call “teasing” or “kids being kids”?
    Every kid has been a victim or knows somebody who had this problem in school but now days kids flip out.
    What a sad generation.

  8. moodyblues50 says:

    I can’t begin to express my deepest sympathy to this poor boys family – rest in peace young man. Your death will not be in vain as long as Greenwich gets its act together and investigates to the fullest. The people involved in hurting this boy so much that he found this to be the only way out will go to hell, I’m sure. Bullying MUST stop and I pray that this boys death will be the beginning of a HUGE force behind such disgusting behavior and with God’s will-make a change!
    Again, my deepest condolences to all that loved this boy – he is with the Lord.

  9. jrpr says:

    this is just the saddest story !! he seemed very sad with thoughts only a few months ago. The police need to take down his webpage and do some serious investigative work. prosecute these vicious babies or “teenagers” as they like to be called asap. my heart goes out to his family and his friends, he has them and they should feel bad too as to what has happened to him. there were warning signs, publicly on the internet. I really want the police to investigate, arrest and make the names known of these bullies!!! they will get theres

  10. Joy Pagini says:

    My heart is broken to hear of this for such a young person to do this to oneself. Greenwich has alot of bulling going on, I raised my daughter in Greenwich and it started in 3rd grade until middle school when finally I moved. It broke my heart ot see it happen to her and breaks my heart to read this. Greenwich is filled with money and people who feel that are entitled to say and do as they like. Discipline begins at home if you have parents who are clueless you will produce a child just like yourself. It’s so heart is broken

  11. graham says:

    Very sad, prayers go out to the family, but, why is it that kids these days feel so hurt from bullying that they take their lives or the lives of others.
    When I was in school, bullying was a normal part of life, we just bucked up and pushed forward and most grew out of it or were taught to overcome the BS?
    Teaching our children to be kind and good and honest is one thing, but teaching them to be tough and rational enough to know that bullies are losers and likely the weakest.

  12. Anna says:

    Its so sad but it doesnt suprise me. Kids in FFLD County are MEAN! They have no respect and growing up in the FFLD County school system I lived it first hand. I only wish that young man could have brushed off the bullying he must have felt so alone. Those bratts in Greenwich should all be ashamed!! Its aweful that they could drive someone to kill themselves. He must have showed up to school in Old Navy instead of Abercrombie!!!

  13. lck says:

    If they had only provided some intervention for this young man they wouldn’t need the crisis intervention today.

  14. Akisha says:

    OMG! May God rest his soul. I couldn’t imagine what losing one of my kids would be like. My heart goes out to the family.

  15. atkoa says:

    Heartbreaking. RIP. My prayers for the family.

  16. Concerned says:

    My gf’s sister knew this young man and says he was constantly bullied at school for years. Its so sad but apparently he had enough of it and thought this was the only way out. It is disgusting to think of the kids who pushed this child to go to these means to end his suffering. I can only imagine what the family is going through and they are in my prayers. The others who were the bullies need to be held accountable for their actions. But I’m sure some of them are the “cool” kids and athletes whom the school and town will protect because that’s all they care about in Greenwich. I am from Greenwich, born and raised and I still live here but this makes me want to vomit. These kids have no respect for anyone.

  17. Louise Ortega says:

    I hope the student/s responsible for the bullying are facing criminal charges, and have their names made public. Shame on them.