Speak Out Against Bullying

speakout1Greenwich Time is looking for students who have been affected by bullying to share their stories with us. Have you been bullied? Did you try to stop it? Have you been the bully yourself?

We’re looking for Greenwich students to create their own videos in which they talk about ways they’ve been affected by bullies in the hallways of Greenwich schools or online. Simply state your name, age and then share your story. The videos can be captured with cellphone cameras or computers. Students can share such videos with us by emailing them to reporter Brittany Lyte at blyte@scni.com, or by posting them on our Speak Out Against Bullying page on Facebook.

We believe that by opening up the conversation about bullying, we can “take back” the power of bullies and work toward a world free of bullying both in the hallways of school and online. It’s an exciting project, and we’re looking for teens and preteens who are willing to be a part of what could become a large movement.

Are you ready to speak out?