A white-out to honor Bart

Elias Frank, rightElias Frank 8-13, Greenwich High School senior class vice president, and co-founder of GHS Connections, is asking students to take the club’s anti-bullying message to Cardinal Stadium. He’s calling for them to stage a white-out at the home football opener next week. White-outs traditionally are staged to psyche out an opposing team. Elias’ purposes are quite different, as he states in a recent posting on GHS Connections’ Facebook page:

“Hey everyone, our first home Varsity football game is next Thursday night, September 12th at 6:00 against West Haven. I understand it’s a Thursday night but please come to support because we are planning to do a white-out game in honor of Bart Palosz. Tell everyone, let’s get as many people to come dressed in white along with signs. It would mean a lot to the family so let’s try to make this our biggest crowd. Please re post on your walls so that everyone knows, Spread the word.”


Tom Mellana