Tonight: Vigil for Bart Palosz

A prayer vigil for Bart Palosz will be held at 6:30 p.m. tonight at Greenwich High School.

Palosz, a 15-year-old sophomore at the school, committed suicide at his family’s home in Byram two weeks ago after the first day of classes. Family and friends say he had been relentlessly bullied for years by his peers.

“We would like to hold a vigil prayer gathering to show our support for Bart’s family, pray for His soul and protest against school bullying and violence,” said Izabela Pardo-Malecka, principal of the Polish School of Language and Heritage in Bridgeport, in a press release. “We would like for all to come and join us. Please come dressed in black, with vigil candles, white and red flowers and Polish and American flags. Bring your favorite photo of Bart if you have one.

“Let’s remember Bart, who fell victim of aggressive and violent peer pressure and bullying. Who had no one to take his side, when it really counted. Whose death should not be taken for granted or swept under the rug. Today Bart and tomorrow it could happen to your child.”