Conscientious citizen helps cops nab drunk driver

A concerned citizen has helped police nab a drunk driver Sunday evening after they began tailing the intoxicated operator.

At approximately 6 p.m., the citizen relayed to police that the operator of a grey Volvo they had been following may have intoxicated, and directed officers to Edgewood Avenue in central Greenwich, where the driver was attempting to turn around in a residential driveway. At that point, officer were able to identify and follow the vehicle.

In approximately three-quarters of a mile, the patrollers witnessed several traffic violations, according to police reports. The driver, identified as Theodore Strathdee, 53, of 74 Summit Drive, was pulled over, at which point officers noted the odor of alcohol on his breath, police said. Strathdee reportedly had difficulty speaking with the officer. Police asked Strathdee to submit to a field sobriety test. He failed and was arrested.

Strathdee was able to post the $250 bond and is expected in superior court in Stamford on October 21.

Justin Pottle