Workplace fight lands brawling coworkers in court, hospitals

A pair of employees at a Riverside auto shop were arrested Saturday after their working relationship went sour during a lunch break, according to police. Officers were dispatched to 1118 East Putnam Avenue location of Mavis Tires ust after noon Saturday on reports of a physical altercation between two employees thereat.

When police arrived, an investigation determined that Anibal Diaz, 27, of Bridgeport, and his co-worker Luis Pacheco, 56, of Stamford, had had “difficulty” working together earlier that day, according to police reports. That tension mounted during the pair’s lunch break, during which Diaz approached and confronted Pacheco, eventually punching him multiple times in the head.Pacheco struck back, hitting and kicking Diaz in the chest, police said.

Both combatants required medical attention following the fight – Diaz was transported to Greenwich Hospital, and Pacheco sent to Stamford.

The employees were each issued a misdemeanor summons on charges of breach of peace and third degree assault. Pacheco will appear in superior court in Stamford on October 11, and Diaz will follow suit four days later on October 15.

Justin Pottle