Greenwich Police mourn the passing of retired Officer Joseph Cavanaugh

The Greenwich Police Department has lost one of its own: retired Officer Joseph Cavanaugh passed away this weekend in Florida, where he had lived for several years after leaving the department. Cavanaugh served with the Greenwich Police for 23 years, retiring in 1987, and his influence on the department remains strong to this day. As one of the original advisors of the Greenwich Police Explorers Post, Cavanaugh helped shape not only the police force’s interactions with Greenwich youth, but also the current generation of GPD leadership.

“When I pulled out his personnel file early today, it was thick with letters of commendation and appreciation from resident,” said Chief of Police James Heavey, who had been an Explorer under Cavanaugh.

Police have assembled a small memorial to Cavanaugh in the lobby of the Public Safety Complex, and a service in his memory in Greenwich is expected to be announced in the near future.

Check back tomorrow for a full look into the life and career of a man whose colleagues considered one of the finest of Greenwich’s finest.

Justin Pottle