Election day registration slow in Greenwich

This is the first year that Connecticut has offered election day registration but, if Greenwich is any barometer, don’t expect throngs of new voters rushing out to register so they can vote in today’s election.

As of 9 a.m., fewer than 10 people had taken advantage of the registration, according to Republican registrar of voters Fred DeCaro. He expects the flow of new registration to remain slow throughout the day, which is fine with him. “Projections based on other states had show we’d get up to 400 new voters, but considering that this is just the first year, and there was not significant publicity, we didn’t think we’d get anywhere near that,” he said. “That’s good because it will allow us to work out the kinks.”

He said there have been a few kinks so far — particular from new voters who aren’t sure how to fill out their ballots. Also, election day registration ballots gave to go in a special envelope. DeCaro said the envelope is larger than the slot on the ballot box it’s supposed to slide into.  “You just have to fold it a little,” he said.

Amanda Cuda