Car accident leads to arrest of local scofflaw

Police responding to a motor vehicle accident near the Greenwich-Stamford border Thursday have arrested a Chickahominy man with a extensive history of skipping bail.

Just after midnight at the scene of the accident, police patrols identified one driver as Leo Montalvan, 47, of 89 Hamilton Avenue. A routine search determined a warrant had been filed for Montalvan’s arrest in February 2013 stemming from the repeated failure to appear in court.

Montalvan first appeared before Superior Court in Stamford in 2008 after operating with a suspended license. He pleaded not guilty in March of that year, but never reappeared at subsequent hearings. In the years since, Montalvan has been arrested twice on traffic violations and operating without a valid license — his had been suspended indefinitely given his truancy from court — and failed to appear at both subsequent hearings, the most recent of which being last November.

Montalvan declined to contact his lawyer and was released to a bail bondsman after posting his$1,000 bail. He is slated to appear in Superior Court in Stamford on November 27.


Justin Pottle