UConn professor in Greenwich spree placed on administrative leave

A University of Connecticut professor arrested Monday for vandalizing several high-end cars during a drunken fit in Greenwich  is no longer welcome on campus for the time being, university officials say. Gabriel Fenteany, 46, of Vernon, is facing multiple charges of criminal mischief and breach of peace.

“UConn has placed Mr. Fenteany on administrative leave and has prohibited him from campus until University and/or criminal investigations of the allegations have been concluded,” said university spokesperson Stephanie Reitz.

“Arrangements are being made to cover his teaching duties and other professional responsibilities,” she continued.

A Greenwich Police investigation concluded that Fenteany had left a Lafayette Court residence on the afternoon of October 26, and become intoxicated at some point afterwards. Police said Fenteany had wandered through the parking lot, “urinating, spitting, kicking” and ripping the side mirrors off parked cars.

Fenteany teaches biochemistry at UConn, but university newspaper the Daily Campus has reported much of his research duties had been recently taken over by an associate professor following several domestic related arrests earlier this year.

Justin Pottle